GTiMA to Attend SPAR 3D Expo & Conference

Location: Houston, TX | Date: March 27, 2017

Ray Mandli, GTiMA board member and President of Mandli Communications, along with Steve Caya, fellow GTiMA board member and Head of Production at Mandli Communications, will attend the upcoming SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, which is billed as the premier international event for the application of 3D technology and industry, this April.

Ray Mandli will be one of the speakers at the conference, presenting “New Approach to 3D Modeling: NCAA Division I Cross Country Course” during the “Unique Applications” forum.

“We’re looking forward to showcasing what we’ve done with LiDAR,” Mandli said. “With new technology, you’ve got to get creative, and that’s what we did in assisting the University of Wisconsin in their bid to host the NCAA Cross Country championship run.”

“LiDAR’s precision allowed us to create a map of the course that is truly innovative,” Caya added. “And it could enable people to watch the race virtually, turning cross country into a spectator sport.”

In addition to Mandli’s presentation, the group will have an exhibit at the expo. They’ll be setting up shop at booth 705. “We’re looking forward to interfacing with other people in the industry,” Mandli said. “We have a great team and a multifaceted approach to LiDAR-based mapping, and we think 3D buffs are going to be very interested in what we’ve been doing.”

Since 2004, SPAR 3D has been showcasing best-in-class professional 3D products, from input to output technologies. Conference content covers 3D sensing, 3D processing and 3D visualization tools that are changing the landscape of how assets are managed, projects are pitched, and designs are created. As the global leader in 3D technology, SPAR 3D brings together the top hardware, software, and visualization solutions providers from across the globe under one roof for three action-packed days of education, exhibits and live demonstrations. Technologies explored include 3D devices from close and long range cameras, sensors and scanners to VR and 3D visualization and printing technologies.

The Geospatial Transportation Information Management Association (GTiMA) works to promote sustainable economic growth by improving the management of transportation systems. In concert with its membership and industry partners, GTiMA develops and sponsors industry standards, best practices and legislative policies that advance the selection and use of geospatial transportation mapping technology in three key areas: smart grid solutions, autonomous vehicle solutions, and smart city solutions.

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