GTiMA Partners with UW Autonomous Vehicle Proving Ground to Develop Autonomous Vehicle Test and Validation Procedures

Location: Madison, WI | Date: February 09, 2017

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx recently designated The University of Wisconsin-Madison as one of ten Proving Ground Pilot Sites intended to encourage testing and information sharing around automated vehicle technologies. UW-Madison’s proving ground, using procedures developed in partnership with GTiMA, will foster innovations that can safely transform personal and commercial mobility, expand capacity, and open new doors to disadvantaged people and communities.

Robert Fischer, President of GtiMA, said that he’s eager to get to work, and added, “having proving grounds here in Madison gives us an exciting opportunity — we’ll be able to get a head-start on understanding what the best approach may be for big data usage, while working with our partners to develop a community of practice around automated vehicle research.”

Steve Caya, GTiMA Board Member and Head of Production at Roadview, Inc., said, “we plan to work as a team with our partners to share best practices when it comes to safety as we carry out these essential tests. This will allow our group to learn more quickly, which will allow us to help inform the general public of these practices more quickly — and that will, we hope, speed up the pace of AV deployment.”

Designees were selected from a competitive group of over 60 applicants. Applicants included academic institutions, state Departments of Transportation, cities, and private entities and partnerships.

The Geospatial Transportation Information Management Association (GTiMA) works to promote sustainable economic growth by improving the management of transportation systems. In concert with its membership and industry partners, GTiMA develops and sponsors industry standards, best practices and legislative policies that advance the selection and use of geospatial transportation mapping technology in three key areas: smart grid solutions, autonomous vehicle solutions, and smart city solutions.

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