Caya Appointed To Governor’s Steering Committee on Autonomous Vehicles

Location: Madison, WI | Date: June 15, 2017

Steve Caya, GTiMA board member and President of Roadview, Inc., has been appointed to the Governor’s Steering Committee on Autonomous and Connected Vehicles in Wisconsin. The committee was created by executive order of Gov. Walker this May, with an aim toward advising him on how best to carry out testing and the eventual deployment of AVs in the state.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help bring about the birth of AVs in Wisconsin,” Caya said. “Autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionize industry with their cost-saving potential, and I think the sooner the state of Wisconsin begins to reap these benefits, the better.”

Caya added that safe testing of autonomous vehicles is a top priority, citing GTiMA’s partnership with the University of Wisconsin Automated Vehicle Proving Grounds.

20 people were appointed to the Governor’s committee, representing a cross-section of stakeholders from the state legislature to tech companies to interest groups. The committee will study how best to test AVs in real-world driving conditions across the state, reviewing state statutes and other administrative policies in order to discern if there are any regulatory roadblocks, and if there are, how best to address them in a safe, responsible manner.

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