Membership Application

Full Member


To qualify as a Full Member of this association a firm must derive income through one of the following roadway, aviation, waterway, rail/transit or pipeline data activities:

  • manufacture, fabricate, operate or install geospatial transportation characteristic or operations data collection hardware or software (ex: LiDAR, Photogrammetry, UAV, 3D pavement, GIS, GPS, GPR, Friction, Retroreflectivity, etc.).
  • develop transportation data collection, reduction, fusion, management, integration, analysis, design, or visualization software.
  • Provide data collection, database, storage, visualization or analytic services.
  • Private-sector end user of geospatial transportation data and services.


Annual Revenue Amount Dues
Under $1 million $750
$1 million to $4.9 million $1,750
$5 million to $9.9 million $3,000
$10 million to $19.9 million $5,000
$20 million to $39.9 million $7,500
$40 million to $50 million $10,000
Above $50 million Call for quote

*Dues for Full Members are based on annual revenues from the transportation data industry. Dues payments, minus 10% for legislative lobbying, may be deductible as a business expense; dues are not deductible as charitable expenses for federal income tax purposes.

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